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 The Bill
The bill is bimonthly. It is established further to a four-month meter reading in urban area and a six-month meter reading in rural area or further to an estimation based on your last 12 months consumption (intermediary bill).

 Intermediary bill
It involves the estimated amount of your consumption calculated according to your previous consumption added to due fees, the estimated amount of RTT (Tunisian Radio and Television) contribution and the different payment facilities (connection or others).
Regarding new subscribers, no advance payment would be invoiced to them as long as their meter has not been read.
net to be paid of this bill will be deduced on the bill involving the actual reading of your consumption.

 How to pay ?
 Monthly payment
It enables you to spread your yearly electricity consumption over twelve month bills deducted directly from your bank or postal account.Monthly amounts are calculated on the basis of your past year's consumption which is brought up to date every year.

 How to do ?
You send or deposit at your district a deduction authorization on your postal or bank account.

 Authorized Payment 
The amount of each of your bills is automatically
deducted from the current postal or bank account you have indicated.

 How to do ?
You send your district your approval of payment. STEG sends you your consumption bill by mail for information. If you have no remarks or objections regarding the amount of your power consumption,  the due amount will be automatically withdrawed from your current account, 15 days after receiving your invoice.

 Payment at the Post Desks
You can pay your bill at any  post-desk.

   Payment at SONEDE windows
You have the possibility to pay your bill in almost all SONEDE pay-desk.

 Online Payment 
Our online payment services allow you to pay your bill via your personal computer.

 Reducing your bill
 Do not forget to turn off the lights when not needed.
 Remember that daylight is costless, so profit from it .
 Make a good choice and know how to adapt your lighting to your needs; you will profit from comfort and save money.
 If you have refrigerating devices, place them away from any heat source.
 Electric heater is expensive, try to reduce its use as much as you can.
 Control  the progress of your consumption regularly, either from meters or from the information mentioned on your bills.



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