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Connection to the electricity and/or gas network

A New subscription

To connect your dwelling place to the electrical supply network and/or the gas network of the STEG and to benefit from electricity and gas permanently, please contact your -district- provided with following parts :


Tenant : Local already supplied with electricity

 A copy of the national identity card 

Original of the certificate of ownership recently issued by the Conservation of Land Ownership (3 months),

Certified copy of the sales contract
Occupancy certificate issued by the competent authorities
Building permit

Municipal authorization or regional lighting (in the absence of a building permit)

A copy of the national identity card

A certified copy of the rental contract

To request a new gas connection for a room already supplied with electricity, please present its STEG consumption bill.

Our receptionist will :

Advise you on the power of the connection to be installed.
Gives you the dimensions of the niches (Electricity and Gas).
Iinform you of the terms of the payment
will fix an appointment for the study

The realization will be done following the payment of a connection estimate and a refundable advance on consumption upon termination of your subscription.

[See the Fixed Connection Rates]


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