STEG in numbers

 The Visual Identity

 The Development  Perspectives



An identity which answers multiple stakes
•  To meet the expectations and the needs of all our customers with the required quality, reliability and safety.
•  To favor proximity, direct contact and permanent listening to our customers.
•  To mobilize all our resources to take up the challenge of competitiveness.

Opening and Dynamism
It is a free and open shape illustrating the union and the dynamism animating our company and expressing the progress and the future.

The shapes and the colors
  Our emblems and our shapes
The flame, for gas, blue like our planet
The spark, for electricity, red like our country's flag.
Both of them follow a dynamic and open motion inspiring complementarity and interactivity.
The third element, in blue, consists in tow lines representing the name of the company. According to the language of the support, it is either in French or in Arabic.
  Our colors
The Red: It is a hot color evoking energy, force, power and enthusiasm, and expressing the will of change and the spirit of challenge.
The blue: It is a cold color, rarely represented in the nature because it showen in transparency (horizon, water, sky, air, sea, space.). It evokes the opening, the safety and the transparency, and it expresses our company's will and perseverance to produce a clean energy, participating into our environmental protection and into the improvement of the well-being of the Tunisian people.
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